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Prioritise Your Fat Loss Goals

by | Dec 4, 2019 | Lifestyle

This year, I haven’t been as productive on email as I would have liked to be. As somebody who loves attention to detail, and (typically) emails 2 days per week, this is highly unusual. (Even when some of the emails I have sent have been riddled with grammatical errors!)

I had to step back—here’s why…

  • I’m spending time with loved ones rather than 24/7 in the business
  • I teach 8 programs a week so I need to keep up to date on new choreo
  • I’m focusing on Retreats as I love catching flights rather than feelings 😉
  • I’m focusing a lot of time on the On Demand platform

…all of which drain time, energy, and resources—forcing me to be selective with what’s left. And, as always, client work never suffers. No matter how busy things get, that’s my priority. Content creation (emails and social media), however, is less important.

So it’s been a prioritisation thing.

Which is how you need to approach health and fitness: with self-assessments, honest conversations, and adjustments over time.

This means your approach evolves, and matches (A) your expectations and (B) lifestyle demands. You can’t do everything, all the time… nor do you need to.

For fat loss goals, prioritise…

1. Planning and weighing meals

2. Strength training twice per week

3. Getting to bed early

Everything else can wait, as it’s important to take care of number 1 first right? I feel this is the same for me in 2020 to make sure I take time out for me, as feeling obliged to constantly create can be discouraging.

Make sense?

Before I wrap things up, a favour to ask: I’d love to know how things are going with YOUR fat loss journey.
Is there anything specific giving you trouble? Anything you’re not sure how to approach? If so, let me know; I’ll point you in the right direction ASAP.

Speak soon,

Vincent De Lima

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