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Fail forward, fail fast and be persistent

by | Oct 7, 2019 | Lifestyle

Have you heard of Thomas Edison? Yep, the guy who invented the light bulb. Not many people know about his story.

Long story short, he tried 6,000 different filaments to try to get the lightbulb to work. We may think he’s a genius in retrospect. But no, he was just persistent.


6,000 filaments.

If he tried 5x a day. ​That’s 3.2 years of “failing” every day. 1200 days of your life with nothing. Flick switch and NOTHING. He’d tell you he found 5,999 ways not to create lightbulb. Behind the greatest minds are not genius but persistency.

​Now do you realise how annoying it is that you cannot be annoyed if your diet or weight didn’t yield amazing results after 2 weeks? That you got overwhelmed with the fact something didn’t go right? The fact that this is “a bit new to you.” Your task is not as big as you make it out to be.

Even if your efforts are wrong at first they’ll still yield SLOW results rather than Edison’s bulbs that remained dark.

Every corner you turn that doesn’t work is not a failed attempt but one more addition to the “ways not to do it” list.

In fact, I’m going to post this on our online groups of all the genius’ and celebrities who have FAILED and FAILED yet because they were persistent they reached their goals.

Without this way of thinking we’d be sat in the dark right now.

Imagine how far it could take you in your journey of looking better, feeling better, improving health markers and getting more sex.


Oh, yes I went there!

I’m not going to shy away, especially after knowing that some of you have attended a Mindset workshop with me; we don’t shy away one those days!

​Starting a journey of finding out ways not to do it and you’ll soon have something that can help you and everyone around you.

So this is me asking…if you’re not going to get your a in gear now, when are you?

Want a morbid stat?

Edison lived to 84 years old.

No antibiotics, no chemotherapy, hell light bulbs weren’t even invented until he did it himself!

Isn’t it scary you have very little chance of living to his age WITH ALL THE MEDICAL INTERVENTIONS of the 21st century because you still haven’t taken priority of your health, nutrition or training.

​Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I’m trying my hardest to do you a favour.

Go out and smash your week!

Speak soon,

Vincent De Lima

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