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7 Myths that exist in the fitness industry

by | Aug 15, 2019 | Fitness

7 Myths that still exist in the fitness industry and I’m sure you’ve said or heard some of them before.

A word of caution as I’m “mildly going in” again.

  1. Carbs and fat make you fat – they don’t. Too many calories do. From any macronutrient, including protein
  2. Cardio on an empty stomach (fasted) burns more fat than non-fasted cardio. It doesn’t. It’s the same.

  3. Diet soft drinks make you gain weight. They don’t. They are calorie FREE. How can they??

  4. Unicorns live in the woods. OK, this is actually true. It shouldn’t be in this list (sorry!) :p

  5. Weight training for women makes them bulky. It doesn’t. Cup cakes do though… andddd doughnuts!!

  6. Eating carbs after 7pm makes you store more body fat. Er…no, that isn’t true. Stop it now…

  7. The best exercise for a flat stomach or a six-pack is to work the abs. Nope. I’d lift heavy weight and watch my food intake if that was my goal.

There are many more myths in health & fitness that you’ve probably heard or even believe.

Got any for me?

As always, if you have any questions on this or any other subject related to losing body fat and being awesome, drop me a line.

Yours in health,

Vincent De Lima

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