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by | Apr 19, 2019 | Lifestyle

Anxious to NOT waste any more of your life feeling unhappy, exhausted all the time & stiff & sore? 

Want to be part of a community that builds each other up not one that tears each other down?

Then WE are here at a perfect time for you.

VDLF, is a happiness hub located in North West London dedicated to helping you and your feel awesome, stay healthy and get back your confidence.

We have a strict policy of NO judgement, everybody is made welcome, cared for, supported to reach their goals and accepted for who they are.

Every instructor is friendly and welcoming to EVERYBODY and there are classes to suit every ability.

Why are we different? We know for true health you need so much more than just providing you with a 10 minute induction, array of machines and list of classes with instructors who barely talk to you.

We know happiness, fun & great relationships with others is the key to making long term life changes.

Our promise to you:

You WILL have a friendly, supportive community of friends who WILL build you up not tear you down. 
We WILL be your biggest cheerleader. 
We WILL focus on building your confidence, happiness and mindset so that you WILL become unstoppable. 
We WILL offer a range of classes that are effective and cater for all abilities. 
Our instructors WILL be welcoming and care about you.

Social, emotional, mental & physical…….we’ve got you covered.

YOU just need to be brave enough to take those first steps to changing your life…………for a happier YOU!

Speak soon,

Vincent De Lima

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