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Bit Of A Wake Up Call – I Hope…

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Fitness

Do you know the most popular time for a heart attack? 

It’s 9am on a Monday morning.

People racing to get to work, to a job that don’t like (maybe).

Tired, hungover, stressed, out of shape, 30 plus pounds to lose.


The situation

1 person dies every 3 minutes from a heart attack or CVD (cardio-vascular disease) here in the UK!
That’s about 150,000 per year. Shocking isn’t it?
And I’d hazard a guess that nearly all of them were preventable on some level.
Diet and lifestyle are the biggest causes of heart disease, which means they are man made.
We do this to ourselves.
We are wealthier than ever before, with more opportunities, choices and information on how to live a healthy life YET we are sicker than ever before.
WTF is going on?
Someone says “it probably won’t happen to me”
And maybe it won’t.
Then again, maybe it will.
This is a call to you to pay attention. This is a warning signal to you.
If you are male or female, in your 40’s and have some level of stress and have 30lbs to lose, you are in the highest risk category.
It turns out that heart attacks are rarely fatal the first time, but “SCA” or sudden cardiac arrest are fatal 95% of the time.
These happen within a month of the heart attack.
I know you probably don’t want to read about this and some of you might be saying ” come on Vin, keep it upbeat”…
…but if this email spurs someone on to making some changes in their life and it prevents something happening in the future, I will risk angering a few of you sensitive ones 🙂
So if you are worried about your health, you’re overweight, tired, stressed and don’t know where to turn then give us a shout.
Don’t delay. Reach out to me, I can help you.

Yours in health,

Vincent De Lima

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