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Before And After Photos

by | Feb 7, 2019 | Lifestyle

To keep track of your progress measurements use a tape measure, and also take photos. Here is a guide on how to take great before and after photos.

The value of the photos is their ability to show changes in a very visual and ‘real’ way. The feeling of seeing those abs appear before your eyes is the very best form of motivation.

Choose clothes that really show off your hard work, like swimwear or tight-fitting workout gear. No baggy clothes!

Stand against a white wall or a plain background that will not distract from your body.

Make sure you get your entire body in the shot. Either use a timer on your phone or camera, or have someone take the photo for you.

For your After photo, use the same clothes and stand in the same angle as you did for your Before photo. This is the best way to show your total-body tone-up

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By Vincent De Lima

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