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New Year, Same You!

by | Jan 1, 2019 | Mindset

Happy New Year!

On the first morning of the new year, as you lay in your beds or couches reading this note, you might find yourself reflecting on the past year and wondering, “what can I do differently to improve? What goals can I set, what haircut can I get, what new habits can I start?” New Year new you, right?
In the true unedited version of me, I’m going to challenge you to say, “EFF THAT.” New YEAR – SAME YOU.


That “YOU” got here today. The body your soul was born into is the only one you are lucky enough to travel through life in.

Challenge 1.

Take a moment to walk to the closest mirror and look and say to yourself “I love you. You are everything I need. And you are enough”. Repeat that a few times as a new affirmation to yourself.

Heard the expression “Your feelings become your thoughts. Your thoughts become things. Your words become reality?”

Instead of searching for things to change this year, look deep inside and commit to elevating your favourite parts of YOU.

Maybe you haven’t experienced those parts since you were young.

Maybe you just became comfortable sharing the with the people around you. As after all you become like the 5 closest people around you (Law of Association) they might not want to share?

Maybe there’s something inside that you don’t even know exists?

Be unapologetic for who you are, know your truth and never “fall” into anyone else’s idea of who they think you should be.

You know the feeling, when you’re dancing out to music so hard your eyes close? You sing along and all you feel is joy. At this point you have the biggest smile on your face! 
I challenge you to live your life in the same way and operate from that EXACT SAME PLACE. 
I challenge you this year to speak kindly to yourself, share words of love and acceptance and operate from pure positive joy as much as you can.

And even in dark times, know that lows would not be understood as lows, without the joy of our highs.

In this new year let’s TUNE IN, TURN IT UP & GO FULL OUT!

Find yourself. In the people around you, in the struggles you face, in the mirror you look into.

Find yourself and then fall in love with YOU all over again.

Love and best wishes for an amazing year ahead.

Speak soon,

Vincent De Lima

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