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The 5 Second Rule

by | Dec 5, 2018 | Mindset

One of the most difficult adversities every human being faces is procrastination. We all get the feeling of being so overwhelmed we end up doing nothing, or maybe it’s simply us just not wanting to do something.

We all suffer from thoughts and feelings like this as we all want as much as we can out of life by doing as little as possible, which fundamentally isn’t a bad strategy to have…

But let me show you how to take advantage of your brain to become more productive, without having to become completely overwhelmed.

Essentially, your brain is working against you. The main function of your central nervous system and your brain is to KEEP YOU SAFE. Whenever we get an idea to do something, 5 seconds after that idea we begin to think of reasons as to why we should not do it.

This is because your brain knows that you are relatively safe (depending of course) in the situation you are in, and knows that doing anything new or unfamiliar is a risk.

Hence why there is a technique called the 5 second rule. This rule takes advantage of that precious time you have before your brain kicks in and stops you from doing whatever it is that you thought of doing.

Whenever you get an idea to do something, take action towards doing it. This can be as big or as small as you want, but the important thing is to actually do something towards achieving it. Maybe write it down in your diary or get up and start walking. As I said the important thing is you actually take action… you’ve only got 5 seconds.

We really hope you can utilise this rule to the best of your abilities, just watch the results roll in.

Speak soon,

Vincent De Lima

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